The Beswick factory is often associated with productions of novelty ceramic pieces, such as flying bird wall plaques and animal fancies including their highly popular ranges of horses. However during the Art Deco period there was substantial output of wares in the nineteen thirties in an abundance of shapes and patterns which currently seem to be somewhat overlooked.

James Wright Beswick founded the pottery in 1894 at Longton in Stoke on Trent in the English Staffordshire Potteries. In the nineteen twenties ornaments, animals, tableware and figurines were produced but during the thirties production concentrated on decorative items only.

Disney character ranges and Beatrix Potter character production in the nineteen forties were an instant hit with the customer of the day and are still quite collectable now. The company essentially continues to trade today having been taken over by Royal Doulton.

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Art Deco: