The Austrian Goldscheider company are most well known for their Art Deco wall masks and figurines. High quality terracotta and earthenware pieces were modelled by eminent designers such as Dakon and J. Lorenzl who produced in the nineteen twenties examples of wonderful figures as the Butterfly Girl. Other items in the Art Deco style were also manufactured such as bookends and vases.

The Goldscheider company was established in 1886 by Friedrich Goldscheider in Vienna operating under his brother and widow after his death. Two sons Marcel and Walter took the company over in 1920 and in 1927 Marcel founded a break-away operation Vereinigte Ateliers fur Kunst und Keramik as a response to political unrest. Wartime production moved to the Staffordshire Potteries in the North of England, Marcel collaborating with the Myott Son & Co. pottery between 1939 and 1950. Wares from this period are marked 'Goldscheider with Myott Son & Co. A sister operation relocated to America but it is the original superior pieces from Vienna that command the highest prices among collectors today.

Art Deco: