The company of John Moncrief in Perth Scotland produced Monart Glass in the Art Deco style. Production started in 1924 with ranges including vases, bowls and lamps. Some of the Monart pieces were sold commercially at Liberty's in London, England, along with other large department stores. Monart was also sold in North America, South Africa and Canada. There are many colour variations, these combinations include the use of plum pink, purple and white, plates with orange swirls, blue bowls with mica, green bowls with black rims and adventurine all shapes and sizes. I have a small vase, colour green, which is shot through with orange and adventurine. There are many variations of colour that do not include mica or adventurine. Monart pre-war shapes include swirling palettes of colour.

Some pieces of Monart glass retain the label, which is situated on the pontil and labels, if they are intact, help to date a piece of glass, and can increase the price.

I have compiled this article from purely a collectors point of view. I am no high authority on Monart glass - I simply love to collect it.
Article by Patricia Bright

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