Decorated with teardrops contrasting colours the glass made by Whitefriars drew on every tradition. Using colour from a palette of emerald green, topaz and opal blue to name but a few.

The flowing natural lines of Art Nouveau style include vases in luminous reds, blues, and yellows. Designers in the 1930's such as Geoffrey Baxter produced textured bark vases which are much sought after today. He used brilliant colours ranging from tangerine to kingfisher blue.
In 2005 Whitefriars glass is appearing at most auction houses across the U.K. alomg with retailers such as Tiffany in London and New York.
Whitefriars is a good place to begin collecting glass. Output was prolific and it can still be sourced at reasonable prices, although prices continue to rise. But if you want a good return for your money and the excitement of finding a treasure that will give you pleasure to look at and own, start now.

I have compiled this article from purely a collectors point of view. I am no high authority on Whitefriars glass - I simply love to collect it.
Article by Patricia Bright

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